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When it comes to rockin Palace and Stussy with a personal touch, you must know about Angelica. The founder of Theliveitup blog has been representing Spain for women streetwear. With her love for sneakers and her interesting interview (below) you can see why Angelica is a certified REBEL.

 So Angelica let’s start off with this question. At what age did you become fascinated with fashion?

I couldn’t really define an age when I became interested in fashion. As a little girl, I always loved walking into my mums closet and trying on all of her clothes. I remember that since I was really young, even when I chose the clothes I´d wear to school, I always had strong opinions and my own criteria about my outfits. I´ve always been a little restless, and whenever I see someone wearing something I liked I had to find out where it was from.

If I had to pick an age, I think I´d say it was the first time I visited New York, at age 12. That was crazy! There were so many sneakers there, and so many that I had never seen before. There were also so many people and so many shops with so many different styles that it was inspiring.

Jeans: Cheap Monday / Sneakers: Reebok-Palace X Reebok


What is a typical day like in your life?

Shower, chai-latte, and check social media.

Then I drive to my office in the center of Madrid, in Gran Via. There I work as a designer, at an agency called Sra. Rushmore. I am in charge of the looks and feelings of the campaigns, and pretty much making everything that comes to my hands prettier!

After work, I go to the gym, then to the spa, and order some dinner (I am a terrible cook). I also take time to sit down in front of my computer, and work on new blog posts, answer e-mails, and review photos.

When that is all done, I watch a good TV show and straight to bed!


Jacket: Stussy-Pink Coach Jacket / Dress: Topshop


Sounds like you are enjoying life and I can guess what one of your answers will be to my question I’m about to ask now. If your house was burning down which three items would you save?

My iMac, my books and my sneakers


Of couurrsseee. But wait! How many sneakers have you got?

 Honestly, no idea. Around 150-200


Jacket: Stussy-Pink Coach Jacket / Dress: Topshop / Socks: H&M / Sneakers: Reebok– Kendrick Lamar X Reebok Classics


Daaauum. You better hope you get out of the before you burn. So you seem to travel to L.A a lot, what is your relationship out there?

OMG I love that city! The good weather, the shops, and they have the best clubs. Everything can happen once you´re in LA. It truly is a city of people with dreams and you can feel that once you´re there. I have some good friends who live there, so I like to go and visit every once in a while.Vetements_Vans-3

T-shirt: Vetements-DHL / Denim Shorts: Levis / Sneakers: Vans-Sk8-Hi 


What is your favourite places to shop in Spain?

Over the years, I have built a relationship with most of the people who work in the shops in Madrid which makes it so nice to go and shop there. I get to talk to my friends, and see the new things that are coming out. If we are talking about sneakers, brands, and fashion life, the best person to speak to is Kike from “Sivasdescalzo”. Other shops that you can´t miss if you are travelling to Spain are: “Mini”, “Sportivo”, “Studio 44”, “Ekseption”, “EKS”, “Foot District”, “Nigra Mercato”, “Storm Shop”(Madrid) “Wer Haus”, “24 Kilates” , “Miss Kleckley”, “SVD” (Barcelona), “Edonora” (Bilbao) “Strap”and “Fortheladies” (Valencia).


If you had to wear one brand forever what would it be?

What a difficult questions! I´d probably say Chanel, it’s a classic and always will be so you can´t get bored of it.


Hmmm that was a really good choice! And what is your dream job?

I love designing, and basically everything that is related to creating things. For now, I have only designed in advertising, and I love it, but I would also like to design and be surrounded by my passions. So my dream job, would be combining what I love most: designing and fashion or sneakers. Either have my own brand or be a designer for one of the brands I love.



I hear you loud and clear. And before you check out tell us what Rebel From Birth means to you?

I always support any initiatives that impulses the role of women and streetwear. I love seeing how much it’s growing and how the brands and the market are starting to give us as much attention as they do to men. Rebel From Birth is a good example of doing good things for girls, good communication and visibility for all of us. Keep doing the great job guys!




Thanks for the interview guys!!!

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